Call For Papers

The 2023 IEEE International Future Energy Electronics Conference (IFEEC) is a serial event that addressing researchers and industries from all areas of energy electronics systems technologies. It provides an international forum for the exchange between those fields, to present advances in the state of the art, identify emerging research topics, and together define the future of these exciting research domains.

Topics of Interest

  1. Power Conversion Technologies
    1.1 AC-DC Converters
    1.2 DC-DC Converters
    1.3 Wireless Power Transfer
    1.4 Multi-level Converters
    1.5 Power Electronics for Utility Interface
    1.6 Energy Harvesting
    1.7 Advanced Control for Power Converters
  2. Renewable Energy and Applications
    2.1 PV Systems
    2.2 Wind Power Systems
    2.3 Hydro and Ocean Power Generations
    2.4 Distributed Energy Systems
    2.5 Fuel Cell Technologies
  3. Transportation Electrification
    3.1 Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    3.2 Power Electronics for Aircrafts
    3.3 Electrified Ships
    3.4 On-Board Chargers
    3.5 V2G Applications
    3.6 Peripherals/Supports
  4. Motor Drives
    4.1 Electric Machines
    4.2 AC and DC Motor Drives
    4.3 Sensor and Sensor-less Control
    4.4 Modelling and Control
    4.5 Drive-Integrated Motors
  5. Devices and Components
    5.1 Power Module and Package
    5.2 GaN Devices and Applications
    5.3 SiC Devices and Applications
    5.4 Magnetic Materials and Components
    5.5 Passive Components
    5.6 Power ICs
  6. Smart-Grid Technologies
    6.1 Green Energy and Smart Grid for Buildings
    6.2 DC and Micro-grids
    6.3 Solid-State Transformers
    6.4 Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
    6.5 Energy Storage Systems and Applications
    6.6 Advanced Metering
  7. Emerging Technologies
    7.1 Portable Power
    7.2 Power Electronics for Biomedical Applications
    7.3 Advanced Lighting and Display Technologies
    7.4 Others


  • Paper submission deadline: August 4, 2023
  • Notification: August 15, 2023
  • Final paper upload deadline: September 15, 2023

Please note, your final paper can only be uploaded once you have registered for the conference. You will also be required to assign copyright in the paper to IEEE.


Please follow the Submission Process guidelines to submit your paper for consideration for IFEEC2023.

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